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          3. 英文网站 | 联系瑞宝 | 收藏本站 | 关于瑞宝 | 网站地图欢迎来到瑞宝控制技术有限公司!

            0769-86410681 节能环保   关爱地球


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            邮箱: 834867141@qq.com


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            公司简介 Company Profile

            宁波瑞宝控制技术有限公司凭借多年积累的的丰富经验,精益求精的专业知识,采用先进的管理理念, 结合科学开发研究,严格品质管理,以及高素质客户服务, 是您事业的信心和保证。

            瑞宝公司通过合理的技术攻关,健全的生产过程控制保障体系, 严格控制每一个环节,追求质量零缺陷为质量宗旨,努力为客户提供具体超高性价比的优质高效注塑机。

            By several years of rich experience, the professionalism of excellence, advanced management concept, scientific development research, strict quality management and excellent customer service, Ningbo Rainbow Control Technology Co., Ltd is the confidence and guarantee of your career.

            Through reasonable technical research and sound production process control security system, Rainbow company strictly controls every link, tries its best to provide cost-effective injection molding machine to clients under the quality aim of pursuing quality zero defect.

            企业服务  COMPANY SERVICE


            Rainbow - Not only produces high quality standard injection molding machines for you, but also provides you custom-made service according your operation habits and personal preference. Rainbow will try its best to design and manufacture the machine for you no matter of special colors, configurations or special functions to work with professional molds. We will manufacture ideal machines for you stand in your position with reliable quality and reasonable price.

            高速 High speed


            Optimized design of mechanical structure, lubrication system, electrical control, resulting in a significant increase in the speed of the operation

            节能 Energy saving


            Servo precision energy-saving power system, with European high performance controller, almost comparable to the full electric IMM energy-saving effect.

            灵活 Flexible


            Building block design makes it easier for scientific collocation of various parts

            稳定 Stability


            Our company has staff with several decades of experience in this field, so that the problems of products from the processing to the finished product can be solved very well, greatly improving the machine stability and durability